NRA Action Pistol Competition
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The sport of NRA Action Pistol has been around since the early 1980s. Its origins trace back to the great Ray Chapman (1975 IPSC World Champion) and renowned leather holster maker John Bianchi, founder of Bianchi International. Together, they developed the original courses of fire in 1979 to be used in the first-ever Bianchi Cup, which at the time was developed as a law enforcement-only competition. Since its inception, 12 more courses of fire have been added, and the competition was opened to civilian competitors in 1984 when the National Rifle Association started coordinating the championship. The outcome is a challenging mix of PPC (Police Pistol Combat) and IPSC (International Practical Shooters Confederation) courses of fire, mixing speed and accuracy -- making you an overall faster and more accurate pistol marksman regardless of specific discipline. Competitors from around the world, including Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada, attend the Championship every year. The world's top pistol shooters and some of the world's best 3 gun shooters attend the Bianchi Cup every May in Columbia, Missouri, making it one of the most prestigious championships in the world!

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